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The Best Paracas National Reserve Tours for 2024

By Paracas Peru

Considered one of the Peru’s best places to visit, the Paracas National Reserve offers countless things to do for all types of travelers. Whether you’re looking to connect with the marine wildlife or to drive a dune buggy through the desert, there’s a wide range of Paracas National Reserve tours for all!

Based on recent traveler surveys and expert opinion, we’ve created a list of the best tours of the Paracas National Reserve.

Paracas National Reserve tours

Venture out to the Ballestas Islands (Peru’s mini-Galapagos)

The Ballestas Islands boat tour offers the perfect opportunity to discover the beautiful marine wildlife that calls the reserve home.

The Ballestas Islands are a group of rocky islands 30 minutes away from the shore. These islands are inhabited by sea lions, penguins, sea birds, and a variety of other flora and fauna which is why they’re considered Peru’s mini-Galapagos. Tours run daily and will take you up close to these cute animals while teaching you about the importance of the islands and reservation projects.

Check out our Ballestas Islands info page for more details!

Discover the reserve with a day trip from Lima

Easily one of the best ways for those in Lima to visit Paracas. This option is a jam-packed full day tour which include a Ballestas Islands tour and a Paracas National Reserve tour where’ll you get some of the best views of the reserve.

Check out this top-rated Paracas Full Day Trip for more details (with an added exclusive activity)! Tours depart daily on a huge, modern bus with a fully bilingual guide onboard.

Paracas National Reserve tours

Bike through the reserve

If you are a person with a good physical condition and love biking, this will be your opportunity to test yourself. Explore as much as you can and discover these outstanding desert landscapes on your own. Moreover, If you are the type of person that doesn’t like going in a rush, biking will be a great option. There is no need to hire a tour guide, however, it would be better to start at the visitor’s center to get detailed information about the road.

In the town, you can rent a bike for a very affordable price. It’s highly recommended to wear comfortable clothes and bring extra water. Remember you will be biking in a desert so go well-prepared. This trip can be one of the best independent day trip you could ever do.

Note: The temperature can reach high levels turning the experience quite challenging. Despite this, biking through the Paracas National Reserve will be undoubtedly an amazing experience.

Ride a Quad bike in the Paracas desert

If you are seeking a more relaxing but at the same time adventurous trip, riding a quad bike will be perfect. There are some tour operators in Paracas that offer this service for a good price. Make sure do not go for the lowest prices as the service might surprise you.

Another thing to take into account is that you will do the whole trip with a professional guide. Please note that underage persons are not allowed to go on this trip; this is due to safety reasons of course.

Note: Try to wear a face mask or scarf and protective goggles to protect your face from sand debris.

Dune buggy through the sand (Mad Max style)

dune buggys in paracas

Exploring the Paracas National Reserve in a dune buggy will be an epic ride. As a recommendation, be sure to choose the right operator as this is an activity that requires professional drivers and lots of experience.

There are also some tour operators that work with special buggys which can be ridden by you and a partner. It’s just a matter of searching the tour that suits what you are looking for. Anyway, its is inevitable not to feel the adrenaline when you are in one of these vehicles.

Paraglide for some stunning views

paragliding in paracas

Even though the ride lasts only a few minutes, you won’t be able to get those amazing views out of your head. Paragliding over the National Reserve will be a unique experience as you will get the perfect view of the reserve above ground.

Moreover, there is no need to be a professional when doing this tour since you will be flying along with an expert. All safety measures will be applied to provide the best experience.

Note: The flight’s departure is always subject to the weather conditions.

cathedral paracasl national reserve

With so many things to do in the Paracas National Reserve, it’s a no brainer to visit Paracas. Make sure to plan on how to get there and what to do to have an unforgettable experience!