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Golden Shadows Trek

The Golden Shadows Trek is situated in the heart of the Paracas National Reserve, providing an experience like no other. Its name is derived from the golden hue that illuminates the cliffs during sunset, creating a mesmerizing sight where even the shadows seem to glow. This trek is renowned for offering one of the most breathtaking sunset views, allowing visitors to explore the Paracas National Reserve in a truly unique manner.


3:30 PM

Tour duration
Approx. 3 hours

All year round

Easy to moderate

Ways to book:

Through FindLocalTrips

Golden Shadows Trek highlights

  • Experience the Paracas National Reserve in a unique, magical way
  • Quickly gaining popularity as one the MUST-DO activities in Paracas
  • A light hike suited for all travelers

Golden Shadows Trek itinerary

The light hike starts right in the Paracas National Reserve. The walk takes approximately 1 hour and a half, in which you come across different points of interest such as Cuesta Farallones, Punta Lobos, Dos Cruces and Peninsula Arena until finally reaching the peak of Kori-Apu, the Golden mountain. Here you’ll get to witness the jaw-dropping sunset and enjoy the tranquility and aura of the whole experience. The sounds of the wind and water against the coast, provide a memorable sensation and view.

Golden Shadows Trek tour price

Prices vary depending on the tour operator service, however, the average cost will be $27 USD per person. Note that for any reservation, you will have to book the tour in advance.


  • The climate is sunny most of the time so light clothes will be ideal. It can get also get windy, so take a windbreaker/sweater.
  • Wear comfortable sneakers or trekking shoes, sandals/flip flops are not allowed.
  • Take some water and snacks for the journey up and down.

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