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Paracas National Reserve

The immense desert reserve, which spans over 335,000 hectares, offers beautiful beaches, spectacular landscapes, and unique marine wildlife. Visit memorable spots such as the Ballestas Islands (Peru’s very own Galapagos) or the vibrant Red Beach. There’s a bit of everything in the Paracas National Reserve!


Wildlife to spot:
Humboldt penguin & sea lions

Warm all year round

All year round

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Paracas National Reserve highlights

  • Over 400 different species of flora and fauna can be found in the reserve such as sea lions, Humboldt penguins, dolphins, sea birds
  • A variety of activities can be done in the Reserve from extreme sports to wildlife spotting
  • The combination of desert and sea create amazing views like no other place

How to get to the Paracas National Reserve

The reserve is located in the small beach town of Paracas, just 4 hours south from the capital city Lima. Like many towns in Peru, Paracas can only reached by land, with no major airports nearby.

The top recommendation by travelers is by taking the Peru Hop bus. They offer unique hop-on, hop-off passes which included a free guided tour of the Paracas National Reserve. Day Trips from Lima are also available for those short on time. Their fully bilingual team and added benefits of accommodation pickups, restaurant discounts and more, it’s easy to see why they’re so highly recommended. Check out their website for more info.

Public buses are also a good option, but for many travelers it can become a stressful organization. The different bus terminals and language barrier with customer service tend to be some of the dislikes of this option. Once in Paracas, you will have to coordinate a tour or private transport, as it’s nearly impossible to visit the Reserve without a guide.

Lastly, we strongly recommend NOT renting a car. Renting a car in Peru is expensive, roads can be confusing and dangerous, and hijackings do occur in rare cases if you take the wrong turn.

Check out our how to get to Paracas page for more info!


  • The Paracas National Reserve is a calm and pleasant destination that doesn't require a whole lot
  • Wear comfortable sneakers and clothes, and have a light jacket for if it gets windy
  • Important to go with a guided tour, a large part of the reserve is covered by desert, the road is unpaved and you can easily get lost with little to no phone signal

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