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Ballestas Islands

Located about 10km off the coast of Paracas, the Ballestas Islands are a group of small rock formations which act as a sanctuary for large populations of native birds and marine animals. The wildlife on the Ballestas Islands is so abundant and diverse that they are often referred to as the “Peruvian Galápagos”. Here are just some of the creatures that you can see on a trip to the Ballestas Islands: Humboldt penguins, sea wolves, humpback whales, guanay, marine otters, pelicans, and Peruvian boobies. The Ballestas Islands are a definite must-visit stop for all nature lovers!

Tour information

08:00am / 10:00am

Tour duration
2 hours

All year round

From 2 years old

Ballestas Islands highlights

  • Get up close with sea lions, Humboldt penguins, birds, and more marine wildlife
  • See the many caves and arches that have eroded over time
  • Admire the amazing scenery of the Paracas peninsula
  • Stop to see the ‘Candelabro’, a mesmerizing drawing over the sand in the National reserve

Ballestas Islands tour itinerary

The tour has two schedules at 8:00 am and 10:00 am and both last around 2 hours. Once in the port, you will depart with a speed boat towards the islands. The first ride lasts 30 minutes and there is a stop to see the ‘Candelabro’ which is a natural formation over the sand in the National reserve. The guide will explain a little bit about its meaning and then head to continue to reach the islands.

The boat will be floating around for 1 hour allowing you to get to see some animals in their natural environment. The guide will be in charge of talking about the history and the importance of these islands while you appreciate the amazing views. After the tour, you will head back to the port in a 30-minute ride.

Ballestas Islands tour price

Prices vary depending on the tour operator service, however, the average cost will be $19 USD per person. Note that for any reservation, you will have to book the tour in advance.


  • The climate is most of the time sunny so light clothes will be ideal. Also, it may be a bit of wind, so wearing a jacket will be good.
  • The weather conditions can always affect the tour. If the marine receives any ad weather signal, the port will remain closed therefore, the tour will be canceled. For any cancelation of this matter, there should be always a refund.
  • Bear in mind that nobody is allowed to walk in the islands. This is for obvious reasons as the natural living needs to remain intact.
  • If you are feeling a little dizzy during the tour, talk to your guide (this doesn’t usually happen but is always good to keep it in mind).
  • Bring only your camera, sun protection, and comfortable clothes.

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