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Everything you need to know about Playa Roja Paracas

By Paracas Peru

Paracas is a lovely beach and fishing town, located in the Ica region, just 4 hours away from Lima. This place is a charming spot, well known for its relaxing vibes and sunny weather, but especially for its beaches. One of the most popular is Playa Roja.

playa roja

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this beautiful beach located in the Paracas National Reserve.

Why is it called Playa Roja

This beach is the result of volcanic activity after ancient eruptions hit the Pacific Ocean, which is why the type of clay with this color (between orange and reddish) was produced as a component of sand. The beach takes that color of the igneous rock called ‘pink granodiorite’ that contains solidified magma in its interior. The sea hits the rocks and the waves drag fragments of reddish rocks that accumulate on the shore, contrasting with the yellow and ocher colors of the cliffs themselves.

How to get to Playa Roja

To get to Playa Roja, go along the track that leads to the entrance of the Paracas Reserve. Then, pass the museum or “Centro de Interpretación” and continue towards Lagunillas.
Once there, you’ll find the Lagunillas checkpoint and then Playa Roja.


Take note of some good recommendations for your next visit to Playa Roja.

  • The entrance to the Paracas National Reserve is 5 soles.
  • The area is quite windy, so it’s recommended to wear a windbreaker jacket.
  • Bring snacks and water.
  • There is just one place in Lagunillas where you’ll find a couple restaurants.They serve mostly seafood dishes but you can find some options for those who don’t eat fish.
  • Bathing is prohibited here.(Playa Roja) but you can swim on the waters of other beaches located in the Paracas National Reserve.
  • This beach is one of the most visited but only to enjoy its beauty and unique reddish color and take photos.
  • All the tours to the Reserve include a short stop at this beach.
  • If you don’t want to go with a tour you can also pay someone to drive you to all the main viewpoints of the Reserve. That way you can enjoy the views and go at your own pace. If you are travelling on your own we recommend to partner up with some people of your hostel and split the cost of renting the car.

viewpoint of paracas national reserve

Remember that if you’re in Paracas, then the Paracas National Reserve is a mandatory stop. You’ll be able to admire very beautiful landscapes like this exotic and unique red sand beach.

If you have a little more time, don’t forget to visit Huacachina , a famous oasis just 1 hour from Paracas. Here you can find different interesting activities.The route through the desert in tubulars or sand carts stands out as well as sandboarding through the dunes. Don’t think twice and check our blog about Huacachina so you can start planning your next trip to this wonderful destination.