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Lima to Paracas: Everything to Know in 2024!

By Paracas Peru

Located just 4 hours from Lima, Paracas has become a must-visit for those traveling in Peru. Although a short journey, there are a few options on how to get from Lima to Paracas. Here we’ve detailed all options, from best to not-so-great!

Lima to Paracas overview:

  • Best bus company: Peru Hop buses (more info on why below)
  • Day Trips are a perfect option for those short on time and planning to go back to Lima after
  • Private car rental is not recommended due to dangerous drive
  • No flights available to Paracas

Peru Hop buses

By far the best and easiest way to get from Lima to Paracas. Based on experiences from our travel experts, Peru Hop offers everything a traveler needs while giving them full control of their trip. You can tell their service was made by travelers for travelers: pick ups from almost all major hotels/hostels in Lima, onboard, local guide providing assistance throughout your journey, safety is prioritized and some of the countries most comfortable buses. An to make it even better, they offer a FREE tour into the Paracas National Reserve.

They offer day trips and a unique hop-on, hop-off bus system which is best to learn more about here. With over 8,000 reviews from travelers all over the world, and from what we’ve experienced, we rank it as the best option.

Lima to Paracas with Peru Hop

Public buses

Although it doesn’t sound like a bad option for such a short journey, it can become stressful very quickly for tourists. One of the downsides is the little to no help from customer service. Since their service is mostly focused for locals, they don’t offer much bilingual assistance – which can be a nightmare in an emergency. Also, be aware that there is no central bus terminal in Lima, so you’ll have to take a taxi to their terminal (tend to be far from tourist spots like Miraflores and Barranco where most major hotels/hostels/Airbnbs are located).

Again, not a bad option for locals, but definitely not ideal for tourists.

Day Trips to Paracas

Short on time and looking to get back to Lima after Paracas? Your best option is going on a Day Trip from Lima to Paracas. In just one day, you’ll get the chance to visit the beautiful Paracas National Reserve and the Ballestas Islands (deemed Peru’s Galapagos due to the abundance of marine wildlife and seabirds). And in this option, there’s an added bonus of a visit to the Chincha underground slave tunnels!

For those with a bit more time and looking to see more of other destinations around (like Huacachina), there are multi-day options available as well. Day trips tend to be all inclusive and are a great way to see it all in little time!

Private car rental

When you arrive in Lima and leave the airport, the first thing you’ll notice is how chaotic traffic is. Dozens of honking cars, some shouting here and there, cars improperly changing lanes, and in some crazy instances going the wrong way! Unfortunately, that doesn’t change much throughout the country, which is why car rentals also charge a much higher price compared to other countries.

When combining all this with the many unkept roads and other general dangers, it’s easy to see why it’s NOT a recommended option.


Getting from Lima to Paracas can be an easy and unforgettable experience as long as you choose the best option based on the information provided. Peru Hop is by far the number 1 option and for those short on time a day trip is the way to go! Now that you know the options, check learn more about Paracas to enjoy the most of this beautiful town!