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Golden Shadows Tour: The Best Peru’s Sunset

By Paracas Peru

I recently came back from my trip to Peru and have to say that Paracas was one of my favorite towns in Perú. When I decided to travel to this amazing country I didn’t expect to see one of the most beautiful sunsets in my life. I knew that Paracas was well-known because of Ballestas Island, however, I realized that there was a tour that allows you to visit the Paracas National Reserve and appreciate a breathtaking sunset. ¡I love sunsets! so I didn’t doubt joining this incredible experience and don’t regret doing it.

Keep reading below to know my full experience regarding the Golden Shadows Tour, what to expect, and my top tips when trekking.

Golden Shadows tour at a glance:

  • Only 3 hours needed (1.5 hours of walking)
  • Best way to book: Find Local Trips
  • Discover the Paracas National Reserve in the most inmersive way

Arriving in Paracas, the beautiful coastal town

I arrived in Paracas after a 3.5 hour journey by bus from Lima. The capital of Peru is a big city, with many things to do, but I didn’t like the weather too much. Most of the time the sky was cloudy and for a person who likes to catch sunsets it was a bit disapointing. However, everything changed when I reached Paracas. By the time I got to the town around noon, it welcomes me with a beautiful sunny day and a coastal beach with many restaurants, stores in a nice boardwalk to enjoy the scenery.

Joining the Golden Shadows Tour

After a quick lunch at a restaurant near the main square, I met a young couple from Ireland who came to Paracas with a big group and were talking about joining a tour to the reserve called the ‘Golden Shadows’. They booked through Find Local Trips and asked me to join them, I only accepted after they told me that we could see a beautiful sunset at the end of the tour.

The meeting point was at the same restaurant around 3:30 pm. We got in a van with a small group towards the Paracas National Reserve, don’t forget to bring cash as you will have to pay an entrance ticket to the reserve as it is a protected area. When we got off the van, our hike began!

Witnessing the most beautiful sunset in Peru

Our guide was friendly and bilingual, he encouraged us all the time to keep walking and reminded us that this is not a hard one, compared to the others in Peru such as Salkantay and Rainbow Mountain treks. We start getting to photo-worthy spots while the guide explains to us the variety of fauna that we can expect to see at the reserve, including interesting histories of the town.

As the sun began to set, the shining encounter with the sand projected a beautiful golden color, giving the name of the tour. Immediately I asked my guide to take me a picture with the astonishing view, it definitely will be on my instagram spot, what an amazing view! They also took us group photos, with the sun behind while we were walking through the cliff, showing a true trekking atmosphere.

To end the tour we start our descent to another beach, where we just get to relax, sit down and appreciate the sunset with the sound waves hitting the rocks and watching the birds flyover.

After a total of 1 hour and a half hiking we got back to the transport and arrived back at the restaurant in Paracas around 6:30 pm. It was a truly worthwhile tour that you cannot miss in Paracas, especially if you love sunsets and nature!

My Top Things to Bring to the Tour

  • Sunblock – Paracas is a sunny town, don’t forget to protect your skin!
  • Sneakers or trekking shoes – you may have issues if coming with flip flops!
  • Walking sticks – it is an easy to moderate hike but feel more safe with a walking stick.
  • Bottle of water – You will be thirsty after walking for 1 and a half hours.
  • Cap or hat – another option to protect your skin.
  • Camera – to catch the amazing Paracas sunset.

One of the best decisions I made on my trip to Peru was joining the Golden Shadows Tour. I strongly recommend booking in advance if you are going to Paracas, and the easiest way to do it is through Find Local Trips. After staying in Paracas, I continued traveling around southern Peru and discovering hidden gems like this. Don’t be afraid to explore new places!