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Best things to do in Nazca Peru

By Paracas Peru

Nazca is a small city located 450 kilometers south of Lima. It is best known for the famous lines that lie in the area, but it actually has many other attractions that are worth visiting. Discover with us all the places you can find in this city that will definitely surprise you.

1.Nazca Lines

These more than 2000-year-old geoglyphs drawn in the middle of the desert, whose origin is unknown until now, are one of the main Nazca attractions. If you are in this area you shouldn’t miss it. Here we tell you two options to see the Nazca lines.

The first option is to go to the viewpoint which is approximately 30 minutes from the city center. There you will have to pay the fee to go up to the viewpoint. Once at the top you will see perfectly 3 of the famous lines, the hands, the tree, and the lizard (this last one cut by the Panamericana Highway).

The second option is to take a tour by plane to fly over and appreciate the surprising figures declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The approximate cost per person is 80 USD, most tours include pick up at the hotel and transfer to the Maria Reiche airport.

A quick tip: The best way to see the Nazca lines is with Peru hop as they stop at the viewing tower for free. Now, If you are looking to do the Nazca lines flight, Peru Hop has short trips from Lima to enjoy the best activities.

nazca lines peru

2.Visit the Maria Reiche Museum (San Miguel de la Pascana)

As a complement to your visit to the Nazca Lines, we recommend you go to the museum house of Maria Reiche, a German scientist who dedicated a large part of her life to studying the Nazca lines and figures. In the museum, you can find maps, photos, archaeological material, and a model with their designs.

maria reiche museum nazca

3.Visit the Cantalloc aqueducts

These aqueducts built with stones and huarango trunks are a work of art of hydraulic engineering. Its origin is attributed to the Nazca culture, who built this system to transport water. What is surprising is that currently 32 of the 46 existing aqueductsare in use to provide water to crops and to the city of Nazca itself.

cantalloc aqueducts nazca

4.Cantalloc walls

Another place that you can´t miss is the Paredones de Cantalloc, this archaeological complex belonging to the Inca culture, is located only 3 kilometers from Nazca. It is made up of numerous rooms and patios from which some remains can be seen. This place was of great importance for the Incas due to its strategic location, it was a commercial and administrative communication point between the coastal region and other areas of the country.

cantalloc walls nazca

5.The Chauchilla Cemetery and its open-air graves

One of the most surprising places in Nazca is the Chauchilla cemetery. This necropolis corresponds to the pre-Inca period and is known because its mummies are in perfect condition, you can even see hair and skin in some of them.

Studies indicate that the mummies found, belong to a pre-Inca culture called Ica. Chinca, who made the most of the excessively dry and arid desert climate to maintain the preservation of the bodies of their dead.

chauchilla cemetery peru

6.Tour the ceremonial center of Cahuachi

Cahuachi was a ceremonial center and pilgrimage destination for the ancient Nazca settlers. It is located very close to the Nazca Lines and is considered one of the largest pyramids of pre-Hispanic times. Due to its greatness, it was considered the capital of the entire Nazca culture.

cahuachi ceremonial center nazca

7.Excursion and sandboarding in Duna Grande

If you like sandboarding and you enjoy exploring a good dune, you cannot miss an excursion to the famous Duna Grande or also known as Duna La Marcha. This dune is the highest in all of Peru and the second highest in the world. It is located only 25 kilometers from the city of Nazca.

The excursions are carried out in 4×4 and will take you to the top of the dune from where you can slide or simply contemplate the great panoramic view.

duna grande nazca

As you can see, Nazca is a very interesting place to visit, Its mysterious history and rich cultural legacy makes it a good destination in your next trip to the south of Peru. Remember, do not also forget to visit Paracas to complement your travel to this beautiful country.